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Large Scale Assessment

Large Scale AssessmentLarge Scale Assessment is traditionally defined as the measuring of student progress at the local, state or national level. However it is no longer just government and education that has an interest in assessing large numbers of people. Today business and industry are also testing hundreds of thousands of persons on a daily basis to determine workplace preparedness and to assist with hiring.

Whatever the purpose may be, large scale assessment implies the ability to manage massive numbers of examinees all being administered tests at the same time. This further implies the ability to process, analyze and report on that data, as well as the organizational infrastructure to repeat the cycle over and over. It's also a given in the Internet age that the organization be able to assess their students, candidates, or participants wherever they may be, as well as provide accommodations for the visually impaired and other disabilities. 

Team Code provides the software services and products that make it possible to support a large scale assessment system. Typically, the minimum solution is a test delivery tool, an information management system, and a reporting engine. These products are integrated, Web based and customized for your program. Additional products may include item bank management, curriculum management, and program management. Our services are varied depending on the kind of support your system needs. For example, we can provide analysis of reliability, bias and test item statistics if you don't already have that capability. Or we can provide data analysis, data mining, and business intelligence. Since every stakeholder has unique requirements our services are tailored to your needs.

By integrating the essential products and services of large scale assessment Team Code is able to offer a comprehensive solution which enables you to focus on your core competencies. Team Code empowers you to administer your entire testing program through a single sign on destination and to control access through roles and permissions. Security is ensured through SSL and a secure browser environment that prevents local computers from running programs in the background or for test takers to leave the exam environment. For education providers a comprehensive system will solidify the link between learning and teacher effectiveness through instant and accessible test results. For business and industry our system will vastly improve and simplify your screening process.

Our system provides a roadmap to student improvement through enhanced assessment reports that lead to specific resources for remediation and enrichment. It features a friendly, easy-to-understand overview of a student’s performance on assessments for teachers and families tied to deeper and broader Web reports and resources that align to state-specific standards. Class reports detail all of the students past performance for the benefit of educators planning instruction.