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Item Bank - Curriculum Management

Item Bank - Curriculum Management

An Item Bank is a key component for organizations that are authoring and maintaining their own test items. The item bank database stores all of the statistical attributes of the item, as well as its performance within tests, and the history of its development. A Curriculum Management database, on the other hand, is essential for organizations that assist their students or participants to improve their skills.


Item Bank Curriculum Management solutions are comprehensive, easy-to-use online software for managing the design, delivery, publication, cost-effectiveness and quality of education courses. Item Bank Curriculum Management manages the development, editing, approval and publication of all aspects of Modules and Programs.


 If the item bank is integrated with the the test delivery tool then it can also be used to dynamically produce Web based tests. It's also a godsend when the performance of test items needs to be matched with the test taker item response.
Item Bank Curriculum Management System is specifically designed by educators to meet the needs of students, parents, administrators and teachers. Students can look at the standards they're expected to learn and master, see class activities, and retrieve the resources they'll need to complete their work. Parents have the opportunity to view curriculum, assignments, and standards from home, work or library.
Teachers can locate current curriculum requirements and resources, to easily update and customize their lesson plans in alignment with district standards and expectations. Administrators can gain instant access to the learning paths in each building, grade, and classroom—and view this information by standards, by teaching objective, and by key concept.
The user (i.e. Lecturer, Teacher or Academic Manager) has the ability to specify the detail (i.e. type, number and duration of various delivery events such as lectures and tutorials) of multiple module delivery modes in order for example to cover full-time delivery, part-time delivery or other delivery modes.

Designed to satisfy the needs of a diverse range of curriculum patterns, the Item Bank Curriculum Management System supports all variations of credit accumulation and subject/course combinations. It provides a high level of flexibility, catering for any structure, requirements or regulations. It also ensures that the information is controlled and audited, including full version control and full history recording, providing quality assurance and an audit of all changes. Requests from alumni for historical transcript requests can now be quickly and accurately provided from the system.

A significant benefit of this approach is that this structured data can be used to automate printed and online documents such as the production of program handbooks, prospectus entries and web-based curriculum catalogues. Item Bank Curriculum Management is designed to interoperate with any Student Administration System, removing the need for complex interfacing routines or manual entry of curriculum data.