Feature selection
Multi-tiered architecture
Enterprise level database
Scalable and extensible database
Case (person) level data
Automated aggregation
Rule based aggregation
Disaggregation services
Database encryption
Transmission encryption (SSL)
Hierarchical management of roles and permissions
Granular access rights
Built-in audit control for all changes
Login authentication
Segregated personally identifiable data (PID)
Ability to export data without PID
Permission based access to PID
Temporary ID until PID authenticated
Local area and wide area network
Web based
Online/offline option
Live update
Scheduled operations for utilities
Robust selection of preferences
Customization of interface
Custom and aggregation based reports
Ad hoc reporting tool
Dashboard indicators
Web based reporting
Color charts and graphs
One click drill down from report to data
Data security
Backup utility
Restore utility
Self-check diagnostics
Tracking of persons through program
Ability to generate global unique IDs
Monitor progress and attainment
Export data in various formats
Import data
Exchange data with other systems

Program Management Software

Program Management SoftwareProgram Management refers generally to the management of education and workplace data as it pertains to students, clients, participants, employees or candidates. Specifically, Team Code has particular expertise in programs related to literacy and the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title I and Title II. Nevertheless, our applications lend themselves to management information systems in general.


The general principle of a management system is to provide the necessary tools for stakeholders to access and process information about their program immediately and effectively. A good management system should assist and promote decision making, verification and on demand reporting. It should also serve as a tool for teachers to plan curriculum and track students as well as for students to chart their progress and receive guidance within the program. For employers the management system should minimally screen and rank employees or candidates according to their own criteria.


Team Code designs its applications to have a multi-tiered architecture with an enterprise level database that is both scalable and extensible. This means that any program that may start out either small or large is not limited to grow in size or features. Security and privacy is planned for from the bottom up through the implementation of database encryption, SSL, secure browser, authentication, roles and granular permissions. Our applications are also not limited in how they're deployed. For customers who do not want a web based solution or require a hybrid implementation, we also offer standalone, LAN/WAN and replication/synchronization options. Our reporting engine offers aggregation and disaggregation of data, color charts and graphs, drill down from report to data, ad hoc reports, and dashboard indicators.

Summary Highlights:

 1. Helps schools manage student registration, performance, personalized learning, exam organization, timetable construction, cover management and a range of other school activities.

2. Maintains real-time information to support schools in conducting regular and comprehensive self-evaluations, target resources, support personal development, promote achievements and share good practice.

3. Enables teachers to access information, analyze and input pupil data through the use of integrated tools.

4. Provides web access which allows teachers and parents to access the data in MIS from anywhere.