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Computer Based Test

Computer Based TestA computer based test (CBT) is generally converted from a paper and pencil test (PPT), but may also be authored originally for the computer. CBT has many advantages over PPT including, but not limited to, automated scoring, immediate response, standardized administration, greater efficiency, more accomodations for disabilities, reduced examinee error, and integration with management systems.

Team Code has long experience designing and developing many forms of CBT such as speaking, writing, reading, math, listening and performance. For tests which cannot be scored automatically like speaking and performance we've developed a web based portal for scorers to access and score tests remotely. The test results are then migrated seamlessly back to the CBT database for reporting to the appropriate audience. We also develop CBT tests in multimedia including audio, video, drag-and-drop, interactive, and animation. We further design our interface to be customizable and for implementation options to be flexible.

One of the exemplary features of our CBT application is that we can accomodate your need for field testing new items and forms. Most assessment programs are continuously evolving and need to produce new items on an onging basis. Field testing new items can be an arduous process, especially since examinees are not motivated to do well on a test item that doesn't count. Our CBT, therefore, allows you to embed field test items seamlessly within operational forms while not being scored. Once your items reach a prescribed number of examinees then they are removed automtatically to minimize the impact on your population. Furthermore, our database is designed to segregate field test items so that you can analyze them separately and store their statistics. And best of all, our CBT database is designed to be integrated with a management information system, as well as an item bank so that your data can be managed from a single integrated backend.

Our CBT applications can be deployed on standalone computers, in a LAN, in a WAN, or delivered over the Internet. Our Internet based deployment does not install any files on the local computer so the only requirement for the client machine is a browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. We ensure the security of our application with database encryption, transmission over secure socket layer (SSL), granular roles and permissions, and authentication. We are sensitive to privacy and also provide exports that strip personally identifiable information. Finally, we also provide an option to use a dongle as a hardware based solution to protect your IP and for accountability of administrations granted.